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For protecting security of the police during law enhancement and working, HIV prevention, and enhancing the poices self-protection ability, our company created a set of BFFH-1 police protective cloth, which is fitted with protective helmet, protective cloth, protective gloves and protective boots. It is practicality and flexibility.
The protective helmet is made up of helmet shell, cushion, mask, neck protector, helmet lace. Helmet shell is made of ABS plastic with UV painting. It is elegant and beat proof. Cushion made of high density polystyrene with covering a layer of foam, more comfortable and safe. Mask is made of 3mm scratchproof and anti-fog lens. The security of mask is very high for its designation of lock-switch. So it can protect the police from AIDS patients' attack via mask in special situation. And it still can be used under the smog. Neck protector is made of high density foam plastic. Helmet lace has loosened ring fitted with soft material so as not to bruise skin. In addition, it is designed close button.
This Siamese-style protective cloth is composed of three layers: inner, middle, outer.
The outer layer is made of acid-alkali-proof cloth. This kind of cloth cannot be eroded at least in 40 minutes. The mid-layer is synthetic fiber non-fabric being made of UHMW-PE and thermoplastic resin, which has the features of anti-tearing, anti-puncturing, and anti-impacting. The inner layer is made of anti-static fabric in sewing technology, which have high efficient and eternal excellent anti-static and dust-proof performances and soft, thin and slippery, texture clear features. This kind of fabric is solid and wearable, soft and comfortable, hygroscopic and ventilated, anti-fire and anti-blast. For the special zipper and buttons at the entrance, it is easy to wear and take off. Because it si in big, middle and small size, elasticized at waist, it is suitable for different groups of people.
Protective glove is anti-slash and made of inner and outer layers. The outer layer is two-ply cow skin which is anti-cut and durable. Inner layer is soft protective material, which is comfortable and skid proof, anti-slash, durable and anti- puncture, and it can used in the dry and wet work situation. It can prevent the AIDS-patient attack police with cutlery.
Protective boots is made of quality water-proof cow skin material. It has skid proof, anti-puncture and durable sole. Toe cap and sole is fitted with aviation alloy anti-puncture steel. With unique designed zip, wear shoe quickly. Automatic degree of tightness of Ankle improves flexibility and stable.
Acid and alkali-proof; Anti-slash, anti-puncturing, anti-impacting; Anti-static; Dirt-proof and crease-resisted; Anti-fire; Comfortable, safe and wearable.