Sell polycrystalline solar cell

polycrystalline solar cell
As a new source of energy, solar power has a wide variety of applications, such as aviation and aerospace, grid power generation, residential power generation, automobile, yacht, expressway, traffic light, etc. Comparing with other alternative energies such as wind energy, hydropower, geothermal energy, nuclear power, etc. , solar energy has a number of unique advantages. It is expected to be the backbone of power supply in future, and the main component in new energy utilization in 2030. As a renewable and clean energy source, solar power is easily accessible almost everywhere on the earth.

Dimension: 125*125
Efficiency 15. 75
Pm (Wp) 2. 461
Vm(V) ~0.506
Im (A) ~4.864
Voc (V) 0.613+/-5%
Isc(A) 5.237+/-5%

we can provide solar cell with efficiency from 8%-17.25%