Sell polyester or nylon monofilaments

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It is main used in making papermaking mesh , fishing net , zipper , conveying belt etc.

Specifications of papermaking mesh :
1. Horizontal and vertical lines for papermaking woven dry meshwork and molding meshwork of DIA 0.13 to DIA 0.80;
2. Mixed lines for papermaking woven dry meshwork of DIA 0.45 to DIA 0.70;
3. Annulus lines and core lines for Papermaking spire dry meshwork of DIA 0.50 to DIA 1.00;
4. Oblong lines for papermaking dry meshwork of DIA 0.52mm W DIA 0.344mm, DIA 1.212mm W DIA 0.80mm, 0.58mmW0.38mm and 0.83mm W0.55mm.
Minimum Order Quantity
500 kg
Terms of Sale
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