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318# Top-grade car body repair polyester puttyIngredients: Unsaturated polyesters resins, modified resin, color pigment, stuffing, anti sediment
materials, auxiliary agent and firming agent mixing ratio 100: 2. Characteristics: Excellent construction performance, dry time of surface is fast, high strength, special
fit to use in high humidity, very gloomy and cold etc abominable weather. Burnishing performance is good, and with very good adhesive force. Mainly beingapplied to the leveling up and decoration of the blemishes, such as the drop pits
of keelsons, pin-shaped cavities, crackles, and little welding lines etc. before
paint second primer, in the repair painting technics of passenger car and bus. To satisfy the leveling and smoothness of the keelsons before painting the surface.
It is also of good toolability for glass reinforced plastics. Main technical standard: Outward appearance: The color is unanimous, and there are no visible particles by
naked eye. Air drying: Meet the customers requirements. Consistency: 9-12cm (except for the specialties) . Scratching performance: Good handling, no curling (suitable for the scratching of
board) . Burnishing performance: Burnishing easy, extraction powder is very fast. Resistance to high temperature: There is no bubbling and cracking under baking at
120 degree centigrade after drying. There is no bubbling and cracking under baking
at 80 degree centigrade after gelling. Pliability: Less than 60mm. Impact Strength: More than 17kg. cm (or 35kg. cm Not falling off) . Adhesive force: More than 40Kg/1.2cm2. Reference for construction: 1. Evenly mix the main ash and firming agent with the proportion being 100: 2 (make the color unanimous) , and using up them within the gelation time.2. Scratch the putty which has already finely mixed on the primer paint of double
components after burnishing or the surface of cold-rolled sheet which has already
been finished processing. If the thickly scratching is required, you had betterthinly scratch for many times to meet the required thickness. If some air bubbles
infiltrate while scratching, you should thoroughly strickle it by means of scraper,

so as to ensure the good adhesive force. Notes: 1. The mixture of putty and hardener must not put return into the can. Cover it after
using in case that the impregnant volatilization may result in the deterioration
of main ash.2. The solidifying period of coating film will extend if the temperature is high or
low. The consistence and gelation time (pot life) of putty may adjust accordingto the requirements of customers.3. This product is unsuitable for directly scratching on galvanization plates.4. The storage life is six months from the date of production (if it is beyond the
storage life, please confirm according to the standard inspection; if the quality
is still ok, you can used it continuously) .