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1) Poly satin: 75D x 75D, 75D x 100D, 75D x 300D
2) Satin: 50D x 75D
3) Satin, twisted: 50D x 75D, 2s/2z
4) Satin, twisted: 75D x 150D, 2s/2z
5) Satin, jacquard: 75D x 100D, 75D x 150D
6) Width: 58~60"
7) After finishing: W/P, W/R, PA, PVC, print, flocking, bronzing, etc.
1) Constructions:
a) 50D x 75D, 50D x 75D twisted
b) 50D x 50D dull twisted
c) 75D x 100D, 75D x 150D, 50D x 75D twisted spandex
2) Plain, twill, flocking, coater, solid, and stripe
3) Applications: suitable for women's underwear, garments, skirts and home
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