Sell polyester staple fiber HCS

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Usually used as padding/filling material of cushions, bedding, sofas, etc.
Deviation of density (%) : +-20
Deviation of length (%) : +-12
Crimp (25mm) :10.0+-5
Ratio of Crimp (%) :22+-8
Ratio of oil (%) : >=0.11
Degree of puff V1 (CM3/G) : >=130
Degree of puff V2 (CM3/G) : >=30
Ratio of hollow (%) : >=20

3-15D (single hole) with silicon
3-15D (single hole) without silicon
10-12D (4-hole) with silicon
20-25D (single hole) harden

2-dimensional hollow staple fiber
6-20D with silicon
6-20D without silicon