Sell polyester staple fiber colored

polyester staple fiber colored
This fiber is suitable for the following applications:
1) spinning yarns Ne 8-60s, open-end or ring-spun
2) non-wovens, thermal bonding, collodion, needle punching, spunlace
3) padding for toys, sofas, bedding, etc.
Properties 1) size:1.2d-15d 2) cut length:32-152mm 3) tenacity: >5.5cn/dtex 4) abnormal fiber: < 20mg/100g 5) oil pick up:0.15%
High tenacity, few defect, good crimping performance, moderate OPU, low hot air shrinkage, good spin ability, soft and smooth hand feeling, high standards of fiber resultant yarn quality, low yarn irregularity and wide applications
1.2D*38MM, 1.4D*38MM, 1.5D*64MM and so on