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polyglycolic acid referred to as the PGA Package: The 12 / dozen; 50 dozen / case; Carton size: 30 * 28.5 * 32.5CM3 / box; Gross weight for the 4KG/3.2KG
Product Standard: National Food Drug Administration Firearms (Associate) 2005 No. 3650783 (more)
US-wing brand of absorbable suture PGA has the following characteristics:
First, sutures good quality, all targets were to achieve world-class standard of PGA suture suture formed by the polymerization of macromolecules from the multi-strand braided into the line, on the surface smoothness , softness, tensile strength, degradation, etc. have a very high absorption period requirementsUS-wing PGA absorbable suture smooth surface smooth, non-wire strand not smooth wrinkles, lines body soft, organizational drag low, knotted convenient, solid, degradable absorption index requirements for compliance with various performance indicators to achieve world-class PGA suture standards.
Second, a high tensile strength
Third, a good bio-compatibility after the body of the suture line implantation, tissue reaction and fibrous connective tissue growth minimal. Of the human body without stimulation, no allergic reaction, non-cytotoxic, non-genetic toxicity.
4, excellent processing equipment, ensuring quality and stability
5, the assembly of high-quality imports of suture needles, doctors use the more convenient and comfortable Huaiyin Medical Equipment Co. , Ltd. is the largest non-destructive suture needle manufacturer, the production of suture needle special high-quality imported alloy processing, each batch of products are carried out for more than fifteen times fatigue and recovery stress testing To ensure that surgical procedures are not broken, no deformation, to ensure smooth stitching process safety. According to customer's request to import suture needle suture assembly
6 applicable to a wide range of the suture line can be widely used in surgery, gynecology, obstetrics, urology, and reconstructive surgery, orthopedics, ophthalmology, dentistry and other soft tissue surgical suture
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