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The product introduces the advanced technology and craftsmanship from Europe and South Korea, and the selection of the high quality material as well as the adoption of the high-tech contribute to the stability of the quality, the strengthness of the viscosity, the density of the foam holes and the facility of operation, etc.
Gun-type one-component polyurethane foam is a kind of one-component polyurethane foams, which is solidified by the moisture in the air.
[ Specifications of manufacturing ]
Model :DF201
Density : 15 ~ 30kg/m3
Weight : 750G,900G
Working Temperature: +50 ∼ +300 (optimal +200)
Compressive Strength : 10 ∼ 20N/㎠
Thermal Conductivity (AVE TEMP 20 1 50) : 0.020 ∼ 0.040W/m. k
Water Absorption : 1.0 ∼ 2.0g/100㎠
Tack Free Time (AVE TEMP 200, RH60%) : 10 ∼ 15min
Cutting Time(AVE TEMP 200, RH60%) : 40 ∼ 60min
Full Cure Time(AVE TEMP 200, RH60%) : 24hour
Yield : Max40ℓ (variation with the different construction condition)

Storage(AVE TEMP 200) : 9MONTH(from the production date)
Tank capacity: 750ml
Outline dimension of the tank:X66mm x L330mm
1Box : 15can / About kg
1Box Size : (W)208 x (H)338 x (L) 341mm
Special Spec : Order Made
In order to enhance the quality of products, the above specifications may change