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The Pond Monsta is latest Pond vacuum from Blagdon, and the ultimate pond vacuum cleaning systemDesigned to make cleaning your pond quick, easy and safe for your fish, the Pond Monsta has an extremely powerful suction that is capable of removing debris up 32mm. The Monsta operates on a continuous flow for fast and powerful pond cleaning. The water is passed through a hose, either to waste or to a separate collector bag (complete kit only) which removes debris and allows the clean water to flow back into the pond. The Pond Monsta makes it easy to remove leaves, sludge and blanket weed from your pond.
Powerful suction - 6000 litres per hour
6 metre delivery hose
Remote control on/off switch
Economical pump motor 350w
Removes both small and large debris up to 32mm
Easy to remove collector - large capacity (only with the complete kit)
Easy to store and set up
Range of accessories available