Sell pool alarm

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1) Meets CE, NF P90-307 standards
2) Detects intruders
3) Sits on deck
4) Battery powered
5) Low battery indicator
6) New sensing technology
7) Easy to use
8) Automatic reset
9) Important safety feature
10) In house remote receiver
11) Horns are 100 at 1 meter
12) Meets EU standards
13) Detect intrusions similar to a one year old child weighing 18 pounds and up,
14) The detection reacted and engages the alarm within 12 seconds
15) The alarm sonar level is 100 decibels at 1 meter
16) Works with pool up to 20' x 40' (800sq. Ft. )
17) False alarm caused by a falling play ball or wind will not alarm
18) Comes with an in-house remote receiver that has a range up to 100 meters
19) Works on a 9V battery
20) Tamper proof
21) Sleep mode
22) Automatic wake-up
23) Audible low battery indicator