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We supply high quality porcelain polishing media for burnishing and lustre polishing.

Porcelain medias are made of alumina, extremely hard, which is mainly used for fine finishng, polishing, lursting and burnishing of mrtal parts, can be available in white, yellow or green color. Available shapes including Ball, Triangle, angle-cut triangle, Cylinder, angle-cut triangle, Ellipse, angle-cut, ellipse.

Ball: 1.0, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm
Triangle, angle-cut triangle: 1x3;1.5x5;3x3, 3x8, 4x4, 4x10, 6x6, 6x12, 8x8, 10x10
Cylinder, angle-cut cylinder: 1x3, 1.5x5, 2x8, 3x5, 3x6, 3x8, 3x10, 4x8, 4x10,4.5x8, 5x8, 5x15, 6x15, 8x16, 10x15, 10x16, 10x20.
Ellipse, angle-cut ellipse---10x6x10, 12x7x15, 15x7x15mm
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