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When the hot air passes through the cooling pad, part of water of the pad will evaporate. Cooling pad has water absorptivity, its surface can make the maximum exposure for water and air, to maximize the effectiveness of the evaporative cooling. Water evaporation absorbs heat from the air to cool down the air. The more dry the out door air, the more water will evaporated, and the temperature can be further lowered. A vent fan delivers cool and fresh air to the room, so that the indoor temperature is rapidly decreased, and the air becomes more fresh.

"HAILAN" Portable E vaporative Cooling Fans Features:
1. One-Piece Polyethylene Housing, with artistic outline, strong and durable.
2. No need to installation, safe use immediatelyafter connecting water and electricity.
3. Fresh air volume can reach 22366 CFM per hour, can make 4306-5382 sq ft high-temperature environment rapid cooled to 27:C-28:C.
4. Mobile body easy to use, and easy to operate.
5. Low operation cost, consumes only 3/2 HP per hour.
6. Efficient environmental protection, water evaporation cooling without the use of harmful refrigerants
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