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Product Description
A. Light in weight and convenient in use, Its easy to carry and spares lots of space.
B. Be it freezing or cold storage, you can adjust at your will.
C. Three options of power supply pattern for selection: D/C; A/C;
D. Low voltage saves electricity when car starts as usual.
E. ACC compressor resists vibration and operates stably and noiselessly.

Product Feature
This is a three way gas fridge with all the features listed as follows:

1.12 Volts DC / 110 Volts AC/ 22O Volts AC

2. Carrying handle on both side

3. Low voltage protection: Just as shown above in the picture, when the compressor is off, the voltatge is 10.8v. When the compressor is on, the voltage is 11.8v.

4. ACC vibration-resistant compressor

5. Input Power: 65 W

6. Freezing room:10 L; Cold storage room:40 L

7. Weight: 36 kg

8. Freezing temperature:-5 to 8

9. Digital display

Product Specification/Models

Net Weight: 36kg
Gross Weight:38kg
Packing Dimension: 770x575x490mm
Net Dimension:645x480x450mm

Other Information

1. Please keep the fridge away from extreme heat source or from the direct radiance of the sun.

2. Please disconnect the power supply when moving and cleaning the fridge

3. Please lay the fridge in a well-ventilated environment.

4. Leave the vent unjammed and keep cleaning time and again to prolong the using period.

5. Lay the fridge flat , and the inclination angel it forms against the floor shall not outreach 45

6. It is recommended to clean the fridge with soda or clear water.

7. Connect the power and wait till the temperature inside the fridge cabinet falls down. And then input the items for freezing or cold storage.

8. Pull off the power supply , wait at least 3 minutes before restarting.

The frost inside the wall gets thick each time you opens the door. In order to ensure the tightness of the cover and for the sake of saving energy, please defrost timely for the best performance.

If the inside wall gets seriously frozen up, please disconnect the power supply and wait till the attached ice gets thin. And then, use the blade to tick out the ices.

Note: Do not use any sharp stuff for defrostation

L/C or T/T 30% in deposit

To be decided


Minimum Order
one 20' container load