Sell portable infrared sauna room, dry heat fir sauna

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Product Name: Portable Infrared sauna
Item No. : pc8824
1. Utilizes far infrared ray electrothermal film to produce heat, safe and reliable.
2. The high heat efficiency helps activate build, accelerate blood circulation and keep fit. 15 minutes of sauna bath corresponds to 30 minutes of jogging for exhausting` sweat.
3. Temperature in the sauna box could reach 65 to utmost, thus makes people sweat a lot in short time.
4. saving electricity and economy.
5. The foot heating pad transfers FIR heat up from the sole.
6. foldable store design allows it to occupy little space after folding, and the attached carrying bag makes it convenient to store after use

Heating Materiial: Carbon fiber
Product Size: 800X800X1000 (mm)
weight: about 4KG