Sell portable infrared sauna tent

portable infrared sauna tent
1) Dimentions:800X800X1000 (mm)
2) Material: cloth
3) Voltage: 110V /220V
4) Carbon heater
5) Certificate: CE, CETL, ETL, UL, SAA

1) Detoxify and lose weight
2) Enjoy radiant and youthful skin
3) Find relief from pain
4) Healthy for your heart
5) Reduce unsightly cellulite
6) Wake up your immune system and combat the effects of daily stress
7) Enhance other treatment and exercise
8) Increases blood circulation
9) Ease joint pain and stiffness
10) Remove stress and fatigue

1) Easy to set up, maintain and store . Takes only a minute to set up or to close down.
2) Portable and lightweight under 4kg, can be carry anywhere & anytime .
3) Carbon Fiber Heating Elements , Super conductive heat + far infrared ray (FIR) can penetrate into the dermis 4 to 5cm deep. Stimulates perspiration, invigorates muscles, promotes blood circulation, and enhances metabolism to improve health.
4) Uses very little electricity.
5) Variable & adjustable control over temperature & time with wireless remote controller.
6) Heat quickly reaches constant temperature at 60 degrees celsius (140 degrees fahrenheit) .
7) Five minutes after, the FIR starts to emit 95% of its energy. Low Running Cost.
8) OEM / ODM product.
9) Branded product.
10) Buyer's label offered.
Supply Capacity
500 Units Per Month
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
20 days
Power Requirements
110 or 240 volts