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Beijing Agricultural Machinery Institute Jingpeng Husbandry Company (AMIHC) is high- tech enterprise with integration of research, development, marketing and expansion. It is specialized in the modern livestock& poultry building and relative equipments design, installation and promotion. As a leader in this line, it is hatched successful by Beijing Agricultural Machinery Institute.

AMIHC commit to ongoing research and development. Due to technical superiority, abundant project management experience and unfaltering aftercare service, AMIHC has made some patents and achievements in this field. It has developed many poultry facilities such as standardization livestock house, factory hog equipments, mini-slaughter equipments, milking equipments, dung dispose equipments and liquid feeding system. These equipments have spread all the country.
AMIHC has obtained ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, which will be the passport opening international market.
AMIHC has established long term business relationship with Germany, Holland, Spain, Israel , America , Korea , Italy , Japan , Britain and some famous husbandry companies. Wile importing advance device from oversea, BAMIH play a role in building international market net.
Since 1997, our factory hog equipments successfully open national door, export to Holland, North Korea, India and some countries, accepted by international end- user. AMIHC organized a team visit Germany , Holland, international stockbreeding trend and enterprise business conception. This visiting established a base of international development way for AMIHC.
Greeting from the Beijing Agricultural Machinery Institute Jingpeng Husbandry Company.
Our company is committed to livestock& poultry (cattle house, poultry house, pig house and sheephouse) plan, design, construction and after-sale service. Meantime we can supply completed of environmental control system, milking system, swine equipment, poultry equipment, automatic feeding system, manure handing system etc.

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