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MZY2870 portable movable lifting light
This product is applicable to large area and high intensity light illumination on the working sites of large constructions, maintenance, repair, accident handling and disaster relief efforts.
Characteristics of performance:
1. The lamp head can be turned freely within 3000 up and down by the remote control according to the actual needs of illumination. The startup and close of every lamp can be controlled within 30m.
2. Electrical pump is used to rapidly control the lifting of the flexible air cylinder.
3. The bottom of the generator is equipped with iron track wheel, which help it travel on bumpy roads or tracks.
4. The lamp is made of excellent metal materials to ensure the normal operation under various harsh environments and climate. It is rain-proof, with the wind resistance of Grade 8.
5. Our company can make corresponding adjustment of the products so as to satisfy the personal needs of customers.