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Direct USB Interface
Built-in Powerful Speaker
7-Colored EL Back-light

Direct USB Interface :

Make copying music and files on and off the internal built in flash drive as simple as it gets.

Built-in Powerful Speaker:

You can listen to music, voice file, FM Radio. Enjoy music together without earphone.

7-Colored EL Back-light:

You can select colors in specific mode. Red, Green, Yellow, White, Blue, Cyan, Magenta. Just select color what you want!!

Various Equalizers:

Jazz, Pop, Rock, Normal, Classic Sound

Ten Seconds playback preview function:

This makes u easy for quick entering to your favorites songs

Digital FM Stereo Tuner:
FM radio with 32 channels selection

Various Repeat Modes:

A-B repeat, all repeat

Voice Recording:

Records your voice message, ideal for your audio notes during lectures or meetings. It can record music from your desired FM radio station.