Sell portable neck traction fixer cooperation

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Dear sir:
I am the manufacturer of portable neck traction fixer in China. I am looking for distributors in your country. Our product has the following characteristics compared with the similar products:
(1) It is of portable design. It is totally 200g in weight. But its traction range can be 20cm, and its traction power can be 80kg.
(2) It is easy using. After you pump it, you can wear it not only inside, outside the room, also can you wear it when you are sitting or standing in the office, walking in the street, hating with friends even when you are doing housework.
(3) It combines traction fixer, magnets and health care.
(4) It is comfortable and durable. Our product has got American FDA certificate. the material of our product are of high quality and are permitted by Chinese quality system. The cover of the neck traction fixer are made of cloth with soft nap, and the parts are adhesive with imported latex , so our product is more durable and comfortable.

It is suitable for all people who have pain in neck area. Just pump it, wear it, your neck pain can be alleviated.