Sell portable steam cleaner (with double safety vavle)

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portable steam cleaner
Brand Oulaite
Type: OLT-802
Safety Valve: Double
Tank capacity: 450 ml (max)
Rated Water Capacity: 20-350 ml
Material: AL\CU\PP
Steam pressure: 0.05-0.35 Mpa
Voltage(V) : 110/220/230
size(cm) : 28*14.5*22
Frequency: 50 Hz
Carton: 6pcs/carton
Temperature detect switch: 135 degree Centigrade
Carton size(cm) : 61*31*55
Steam Flow: 28 g/min
Weight: 2.1kg
Temperature: 130 degree Centigrade
Color: yellow black red and other
Fuse switch: 169 degree Centigrade
Rated Power: 900 W
Steam availability: About 20 min/tank
Heating time: Aprox 3-4 minutes
Cord: 2.8m

Parts Name (Fifteen pics)

measuring cup, hopper, tower cover, flat brush type sprayer, flat scraper type sprayer, round type sprayer, hair brush, steel brush, long nozzle sprayer, beauty mask, beauty mask joint, incense box, incense box joint, flexible long hose , main machine

Product characteristics:

1. With double-safety relief valve design, only our factory can manufacture the double-safety (we have the patent right) at present in china, automatic open-proof, so it is much safe
2. Automatic controlled heating can produce steam continuously for convenient cleaning.
3. Pure high pressure steam without any chemicals, environmental protection completely.
4. Anticorrosion, the machine frame has very high strength.
5. Entirety type special heating tube with the boiler, heating from all directions, high thermal efficiency and energy saving.

Main application:

1. Clean child's appliances, uperization for an instant, kill virus and bacteria to protect the child.
2. Clean kitchen appliances, flush dishware with vapour and hot steam, both cleaning and disinfection can be finished in one processing. It can save time, water, power and money, no hazard of detergent.
3. Clean and disinfect the washroom, bathtub and water closet, remove dead angle of sanitation to avoid mycotic infection on skin of adult and children.
4. High efficient and quick defrosting in refrigerators and air-conditioning, (remove frost and odor, sterilize only in several minutes) make the refrigerators and air-conditioning to be healthy by deodorization and sterilization.
5. Ironing, hot steam in 135 degree Centigrade is equivalent to professional iron, which can iron clothes uniformly and beautifully to avoid damage of clothes by common irons.
6. Steam beauty treatment. Enjoy top grade beauty service. Essential oil can remove pox on the face, make skin shining and white, cure skin allergy and nourish skin.
7. Clean and disinfect bijouterie, remove dirt, bacillus and acarid.
8. Clean and disinfect sofa, knapsack, carpet and other objects that are not easy to clean.
9. Physical therapy, cure injury of joint with compress hotly by the steam cleaner or load medication in the drug box for steaming.
10. Clean glass in the door, window and dining table quickly.
11. Remove pests like cockroach, kill ova efficiently and stop breading of pests.
12. Fumigate rooms to improve air environment and change aroma emotional appeal to make your home gentle and fragrant. Fragrant steam can prevent and cure senile dementia and depression; its effect cannot be substituted by drugs. Steam inhalation has special curative effect to cough, pharyngitis, swelling and sore throat and cold. 30-40 degree Centigrade salt-water steam can guard against cold and cure swelling and sore throat. Method of application: apply salt on gauze on the mask and fumigate with steam.

(Note: any medication steam inhalation should comply with doctor's advice) .
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