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Our company arnoken is a humate series manufacuture and our humate series product include:humic acid, potassium humate , sodium humate and fulvic acid.

the following is the usage of potassium huamte
A general rule is 100 to 250 pounds per acre or 5 to 10 pounds per 1,000 square feet per application. Depending on the area being treated, the soil analysis, the level of fertility used in conjunction with the humate, and the frequency of application will determine the exact rate of application. These products should be incorporated into normal application schedules with normal fertilizers and equipment.
General : Pre-sowing treatment of seed with Potassium Humate solution with subsequent spraying of the plant, in research showed significant increases in crop yields & much improved root striking. eg. Various cereal crops increased by 3 -5 centners/ha after seed treatment. Buckwheat increased by 1.5 centner/ha.
Barley: Increase over control samples in stalk length by 202% and 222% and increase in root length by 234%.
Tomatoes : Increase in productivity by 20 -25 % (eg. "Rivermoon" variety, 23% increase yield, "Sonata" variety, 17.3 % increase yield) after spraying with Potassium Humate solution rate of soaking of seeds in 0.01% solution for 24 hours before planting in the ground, and subsequently watered with a 0.005% solution at 10 litres/sq. Metre, 3 times a week.
Cucumbers : Increase in productivity by 38% after treatment with Potassium Humate solution at rate of (a) soaking of seeds in 0. 01% solution for 24 hours before planting in the ground, and subsequently watered with a 0.005% solution at 10 litres/sq. metre, 3 times a week.
Maize : Applied @ 5 kg / ha with 100 kg/ha N30P30 fertilizer and Atrazine ( 4kg/ha ) , resulting in a an increase crop yield of 10%. Reduction in nitrate levels in mid-stage (milk wax) of crop ripeness in field experiments were from 707 mg/kg to 562 mg/kg
Barley : As a follow-on rotated crop to above maize , barley normally had reduced crop yield of 16% owing to residual effects of above mentioned application of Atrazine on the maize, when Humate was
not applied. When Humate was applied, significant improvement in yield occured, ( eg: an increase of 5.2 metric centners/ha, ( total 30.9 mc/ha ) . A drop in residual Atrazine levels of up to 71 % were
recorded, inlcuding higher germinating capacity, plus higher growth, mass and chlorophyll in the leaves of the barley. Another trial of pre-treating barley seeds with 0.01 % solution humate resulted in a cropy yield increase of 54%.
Cabbage : Out put of useful cabbage plants increased 60 %, and better root strike . Four fold repeated trials in several varieties showed optimum application rates of a) soaking of seeds in 0.01 %
solution, and watering the cabbage plants
Potatoes : Increased harvest yield of 23%, improved potato quality, nitrate , content in the tubers decreased from 47 mg/kg to 18.5 mg/kg. Pre-sowing treatment of seed potatoes tubers with 0.01 to 0.02% solution of Potassium Humate for 24 hours.