Sell potassium monopersulfate

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Potassium monopersulfate compound (synonym: potassium peroxymonosulfate) is a free-flowing, white granular solid, soluble in water. It is present as a component of a triple salt including potassium monopersulfate, potassium sulfate and potassium bisulfate. The oxidation potential is derived from its peracid chemistry, it is widely used to produce oxidant and bleacher.
Potassium monopersulfate compound provides powerful non- chlorine oxidation for a wide variety of industrial and consumer uses. Its applications may be found in pool and spa shock and disinfection, oral hygiene formulations, printed circuit board etching, paper and textile cold bleaching and desizing, precious metal extraction process, wool shrink proofing resins, polymerization initiator and oxygen releasing agent in aquiculture.
Seat: GGV
CAS No. : 70693-62-8
Proper Shipping Name:
Persulfates, Inorganic, N. O. S.
(Potassium monopersulfate compound)
UN Number: 3215
Hazard Class: 5.1/8
DOT/IMO Labels: 5.1/8 (Oxidizer/Corrosive)
Packing Group: II
Water Hazard Class: I (slight water hazard)
25Kg LDPE bag with two PE liner.
25Kg woven bag with two PE liners.
1000Kg big woven bag with one PE liner.


Molecular Formula 2KHSO5-KHSO4-K2SO4
Molecular Weight 614.7
Appearance White, free-flowing, crystalline or granular solid
Active Component Min. 43.0%(KHSO5)
Active Oxygen Min. 4.5%
Solubility 260 g/L (20 degree Celsius)
Particle Size >= 98% (through USS #20 mesh)
<= 5% (through USS #200 mesh)
pH Appro.2.3 (20 degree Celsius,1% solution)
Appro.2.0 (20 degree Celsius,3% solution)
Moisture Max. 0.2%
Bulk Density 0.95~1.30 (g/mL)