Sell pouch packing machine

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The process of measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, printing and cutting can be done automatically.

The packing machine can pack many kinds of material such as grain, powder, liquid and tablet, etc.

Packaging Material

Various Laminate Film, for example: Polypropylene / Polythene, Polyester/Aluminum foil/Polythene, polyester/Aluminum-plating/Polythene, Nylon/ Polythene, Polyester/Polythene, etc.

Technical Features

1 It has key switch and digital display to achieve reliable and easy operation.

2 Step motor is applied in bag-making system with high precision.

3 With automatically intelligence tracking system, it can get rid of fake color mark, self-positioning and length fixing automatically.

4. The temperature is controlled intelligently by both heat-sealers.