Sell powder/paste packing machine

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This machine is supplied to automated measure powder packing, such as milk powder, bean milk powder, sesame paste, lotus root powder and color powder etc.

1. This machine collects mechanical and electrical in together, adopts CPU microcomputer control system, and automatic switching demonstration in English.

2. Adopts the microcomputer to control the photocell track system, and also collocate the high accuracy step-to-step electrical motor to precise the identical position of each pouch design; the control system completes the
synchronization, fixed-length, the localization and the speed, and also diagnose the malfunction automatically of the whole machine.

3. May choose the fittings: the code machine, inflate device or deflate device.

This machine gathers the series of bag making, filling, counting, sealing, cutting and feeding out automatically to complete.

Packing shape:
The picture is three side seal, may choose the pillow shape ( back seal) , the four seal and the triangle seal.

HLB3-L320AT Type Main Technical Parameter
Packing Speed(Bags/min) :40-80
Max Width of film(mm) :300
Size of making bag (mm) :L:40-150 (Adjustable)
W:40-140 (need change the former)
Voltage (VAC) :220 (or 380V)
Max diameter of the reel (mm) :min400
Machine weight(kg) :350
Total Power (kw) :1.5
Packing size(mm) :770W1100W1700
Thickness of film (mm) :0.03-0.08
Measuring volume(g) 5-80
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