Sell powder habanero chilli

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Fine powder of sure coffe color, flavor and penetrating aroma to habanero pepper, product of
milling of the dehydrated habanero pepper. The drying is made in furnaces in which exposes the fruit to currents of hot air to 60 - 70 0C, obtaining a product with humidity acceptable.
Color Clear coffee to slightly dark (brown)
Flavor/Aroma Penetrating to habanero pepper
Particle size Min 90 % through 40 mesh number
Humidity (%) Maximum 10 %
Heat Level Approximately to 100,000 - 300,000 (Scoville Units)
Due to the nature of raw, agricultural products, the heat level data provided should be considered as guidelines.
Spice or condiment for sauces, snacks and soups, raw material for the extraction of
capsaicins, substance used in the pharmaceutic industry, tear gas manufacture, paintings
and varnishes. Used in the sweet industry and helping in the sauce elaboration.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
any quantity
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