Sell power electric GSM alarm system

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Applied to the security of 10KV power electric transformer, power electric transmit line and street lamp line.
Monitor 3 phases voltage loss and single phase failure of the power electric distribute network.
Equipped with 8 hardwire routes to input alarm.
Support several SMS alarm and auto-dialed alarm, as well as startup wiretap to locate monitor.
One host could deal with the alarm signal from three transformers at the same time.
Connect with PATROL HAWK PH-BC 110 alarm center.

7GSM 900/1800MHz or 850/1900MHz double frequency module inside

7Monitor Voltage: AC 380V +10%

7Data respond: less than 10s (GSM is in normality)

7Temperature: -30 to +55 0

7Humidity: 20 to 85%

7Alarm mode: SMS and Auto-dialed

7Dimension: 240mm(Long) W170mm(Wide) W115mm(High)
Brand Name
Patrol Hawk
Model Number
Power Requirements
Warranty Coverage
a year