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VPHK PropSava is based upon a hybrid design of two system types:

Contactless voltage regulator from 10 KVA to 600 KVA,
Electro-servo voltage regulator from 60KVA to 3,000 KVA.
We refer to the PropSava as a Voltage Optimiser since our in-house developed software manages and controls the voltage regulator. This control system optimises the output voltage from the main supply to all electrical appliances. So whatever the value of the incoming voltage (327V 460V) into the property, the PropSava will control the output voltage to +/- 1% of the output voltage setting.

Why Optimise Voltage:

By allowing equipments to operate at a higher than manufacturer specification of voltage leads to significantly higher energy consumption, increased heat losses and a reduced life span.

"A 230V linear appliance used on a 240V supply will take 4.3% more current and will consume almost 9% more energy. " (Electricians Guide 16th Edition BS7671) .

AC Motors:

Following a PropSava installation, the stress and losses on motors will be reduced so they operate closer to their nameplate rating whilst maintaining constant power output at the drive shaft. This will reduce maintenance costs for the lifetime of the motor. Through the more efficient operation of the motors, there will also be a reduction in the amount of reactive power (KVAR) consumed which will improve the Power Factor.

Along with over-voltage, the PropSava will also help to address phase imbalance and total harmonic distortion (THD) ; both these problems can lead to excessive vibration of the motor causing faster wear and tear on the bearings.

Lighting Systems:
Lighting loads tend to be switched on for a large proportion of the time, so savings on lighting equipment are very valuable. Incandescent lighting is particularly susceptible to losses at high voltages, and by bringing the voltage to the correct level savings can be delivered with no discernible drop in light levels. The lifetime of the bulbs can also be extended markedly:

"A 230V bulb used at 240V will achieve only 55% of its rated life. " (IEE Electricians Guide)

The efficiency of any type of lighting will be improved by bringing it to the correct voltage, including systems with resistive or reactive ballasts. Fluorescent lighting is much more efficient that incandescent lighting, but nevertheless will run even more efficiently when supplied with the correct voltage. Optimising with a PropSava would reduce the need for such controllers, as lighting load would be considerably more efficient.

Technology - Contactless System - Control & Management System:
The PropSava is a pure linear contactless system based upon electromagnetic induction principle. This system is used in our single and three phase systems. The contactless system is managed and controlled by our newly developed computer chip and software system. The computer chip controlled system and software is the key to the consistent efficiency of our contactless voltage regulator; making some 8 million calculations per second. This extremely fast measuring of all data allows the PropSava to rapidly identify, measure, and implement the necessary control changes to ensure that the outgoing voltage is maintained at the pre-set limits within 0.042 seconds 42 milliseconds.

Electro-Servo System:
For most applications our PropSava Electro Servo Ranges have proved to be a very reliable and cost-efficient, being able to accommodate an input voltage swing of in excess of 40% whilst still delivering accuracy on the output. Comprising a transformer having its secondary winding connected between the mains supply and the load, the primary voltage is automatically controlled through a motor driven variable transformer.

Features & Benefits of the PropSava:

The VPHK range of PropSava provide the following benefits:

1. Reduce KWH electricity costs and carbon emissions by up to 17%, (depended on incoming voltage and equipment condition)
2. Can reduce reactive power, improve power factor and suppress harmful harmonics (subject to assessment of KVAR and installation of an additional Power Factor Correction system) .

3. Increase the lifecycle of the electrical equipment and reduce the maintenance costs.

4. Protect electrical equipment from transients (spikes and surges) .

5. 10 year guarantee and a 10-25 year life cycle.

6. No maintenance on Contactless system 5 year, one hourly inspection on Electro-servo systems.

7. Fast response time - under 42 milliseconds

8. Maximum possible efficiency at full load - better than 98%.

9. High efficiency, high standard and extensive safety range of industrial grade components.

10. The ability to sustain severe temperature, humidity, vibration and dirty environments.

11. Transformer windings are of the high quality enamelled copper wire.

12. Low output and RFI radiated noise.

13. Fast response to input and output changes.

14. Inexpensive.

15. Reliable.

16. Manual bypass function.

17. Automatic bypass function.

19. Surge protection.

20. Input and output isolated.
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