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1. Used for leveling and floating the concrete surface and widely used in the construction of epoxy mortar overlay and wearable ground of high standards factories, warehouses, car parking lots, squares, as well as frame buildings.

Main parameters:
1. Working Weight: 90kg
2. Working Width: 915mm
3. Number of blades: 4
4. Speed: 125mm-165rpm
5. Scope of Obliquity: 0-150
6. Engine: GX160
7. Packaging Size: 500x1100x1100mm
8. Power: 4.1KW
9. Fuel oil consumption: 1.8L/h
10: Dynamic operating: Manual

Sample Availability: Yes
Supplier Product Code: WPP90
Delivery Terms: FOB/CIF
Delivery Lead Times: 30 days

Function advantages:

1. The cement concrete surface treated by trowel machine is smooth and with well-condensation and high intensity. Comparing with traditional manual operation, it's more effective and efficient.

2. Greatly increased the efficiency and reduced the labor cost.

3. Various of blades for choice.