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POWEROL  FO for Desulphurization

What is the function of Additive? An additive is a catalyst, which fights elements in the heavy fuel that make for lower
combustion efficiency. POWEROL is now established as a most efficient such Catalytic Agent.

Sulphur is present in compound form in Furnace
Oil, such as Thiofene, Sulphonates etc. POWEROL
contains chemicals and catalysts which react by
the free radical mechanism releasing the sulphur
compounds attached by the olefenic bond to the
Furnace Oil and substitutes with harmless radicals
which burns away easily without any toxicity to the
atmosphere. Elemental sulphur is mostly removed
by the oil refinery at the preliminary stage. Within
the Furnace oil, sulphur compounds are replaced
by the free radicals of the chemicals present in
POWEROL, thereby reducing the molecular size of
the sludge and bringing it in the liquid form. The
chemicals and catalysts present in POWEROL
accelerates the free radical mechanism of the
sulphur compound replacement, thereby reducing
the sulphur component of the Furnace oil. The
catalyst and free radicals present in POWEROL
reforms / reacts free elemental Sulphur into thiols
and ammino - Sulphonates, which become inert
and does not interfere with corrosion of capital
equipments and when it is burnt, it is directly
converted to inert sulphates. The chelates and
ligands present in POWEROL isolates the sulphur
compound in the Fuel Oil / Furnace Oil, by
combining with them and does not allow it to react
and eventually burns off as inert sulphates. The
extent of removal / isolation of natural sulphur
elements / components present in the fuel oil is
approximately 40% and more over it is not
precipitated at the bottom of the tanks, and after
subsequent tests with POWEROL  FO for
Desulphurization, this can be checked.

1) Tested By :
1.1) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd;
1.2) National Test House, (Kolkata) ;
1.3) Regional Testing Centre (Ministry of Industry, Govt. of India) , New Delhi;
1.4) Jadavpur University, Kolkata;
1.5) Carriage & Wagon Works (Perambur, Southern Railway, Govt. of India) ;
1.6) Kharagpur Works (South Eastern Railway, Govt. of India) ; etc.
2) Certified By :
2.1) The Tata Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. ;
2.2) Larsen & Toubro Ltd. ;
2.3) Hindustan Copper Ltd. ;
2.4) Bokaro Steel Plant;
2.5) Mining & Allied Machinery Co. Ltd. ;
2.6) Ordnance Factory (DumDum) ;
2.7) Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd. ;
2.8) Orient General Industries Ltd. ;
2.9) East India Pharmaceuticals Ltd. ;
2.10) Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation Ltd. ;
2.11) Eastern Railway;
2.12) Deys Medical Ltd. ;
2.13) Carborandum Universal Ltd. ;
2.14) United Breweries Ltd;
2.15) Maxlux Glass Ltd. ;
2.16) Narendrapur Tea Co. Ltd. ;
2.17) The Friends Tea Co. Ltd. ;
2.18) New Tea Co. Ltd. ;
2.19) Darjeeling Dooars Tea Plantations Ltd. ;
2.20) Lucas India Service Ltd. ;
2.21) Empire Plantations Ltd. ;
2.22) Stewards & Lloyds of India Ltd. ;
2.23) Automobile Association of Eastern India;
2.24) Indian Airlines; etc.
2.25) Usha Martin Ltd. ;
3) Our Leading Clients (Industrial)
The Tata Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. ; Tata Engineering & Locomotive Co. Ltd. ; Usha Martin Ltd. ; Tata Yodogawa
Ltd. ; Hindustan Copper Ltd. ; Magadi Soda Co. Ltd. , (Kenya) ; Bokaro Steel Plant; Mining & Allied Machinery
Corporation Ltd. ; Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation Ltd. ; Larsen & Toubro Ltd. ; East India Pharmaceutical
Works Ltd. ; Deys Medical Ltd. ; Eastern Railway; Orient General Industries Ltd. ; New Allenberry Works; Zenith
Engineers Ltd. ; Ordnance Factory; Maxlux Glass Ltd. ; D. B. Forgings Ltd. ; etc. etc.
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Matidhar Tea Estate; Kailashpur Tea Estate; Longview Tea Estate; Mechpara Tea Estate; Karala Valley Tea
Garden; Ambiok Tea Estate; Atiabari Tea Estate; Samsing Tea Garden; Chengmari Tea Estate; Saylee Tea
Estate; Dalmore Tea Estate; Dalsingpara Tea Estate; Gopalpur Tea Estate; Gaya Ganga Tea Estate;
Saraswatipur Tea Estate; Choulibari Tea Estate; Gurjanghora Tea Estate; Binnaguri Tea Estate; Unique Tea
Born (P) Ltd. ; Bhandiguri Tea Estate; Washabarie Tea Estate; Oaks Tea Estate; Sankos Tea Garden; Manjha
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Estate; Pioneer Tea & Exports Ltd. ; Chongtong Tea Estate; Baintgoorie Tea Estate; Bhatkawa Tea Estate;
Farm Tea & Chemicals Ltd. ; Jay Jalpesh Tea & Agro Ltd. ; Dufflagarh Tea Estate; Madhu Tea Estate;