Sell precast concrete assessories including anchors and sockets

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Concrete accessories
Including swift/uni-lift/utility/erection anchors, clutches, c channel, formers, coil inserts, Rd/Metric thread sockets, wire rope loops for precast concrete.

We are specialized in products of the highest quality for civil engineering and construction. The main products currently produced include:

1. Lifting and Fixing system for precast concrete. Including any types of light, medium and heavy duty anchors and sockets.

2. All types of Formwork accessories, including Dywidag thread and Coil thread accessories.

3. Scaffolding and shoring system.

4. G80 Rigging hardware.

5. Other kinds forging and castings parts. Including ductile iron and grey iron castings, drop die forged parts etc.

furthermore, we supply pin gauges for measuring holes:

Including Class ZZ , Z , X English Gage sets and Class ZZ , Z , X Metric Gage sets .