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1) Product: Alex sleeve
2) Materials: 45#, stainless steel, H62, H59-1
3) Machine: NC lathe, drilling machine, NC milling machine
4) Surface treatment: oxidation treatment

We specialize in cutting machining, and offer cutting service for you. We can make
shafts, gears, lead screw, nut, coupling and other cutting parts, due to large
machining center, CNC machine, milling machine, hobbing machine, grinding
machine, precession internal grinding machine, precession cylindrical grinding
machine, C614A C613A lathe, and the slitter from Japan.

Precision is IT6 - IT4, surface roughness is Ra 1.25 - Ra 0.015m. Materials
can be carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, casting article, nonmetallic material,
and nonferrous metal (nylon, resin) . Specifications of bar stock are #2
x 5 to #150 x 1,500mm.

It is always our goal to provide satisfactory services to our customers with
reasonable price, high quality products, accurate delivery time and all necessary
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