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preserved flower artwork, the materials are special fresh flower in yunnan, and through technical dealing , like to dehydrate and have color retentive, then designer will make artistic creation according to these materials. It is completely handwork, making use of the flower material to change it into art painting, thus achieve the perfect combination of nature and art. So this not only endue the flower with lasting life, but also give people elegant enjoyment.
Now, modern artist arrange these materials again, make it as a beautiful scene, then load it into frame, a great picture is became. We change it as a picture, that not only save the room, but realize humans desire of looking forward to nature. Nowadays, preserved flower artwork is more and more becoming the favor of interior decoration. Our preserved flower artwork mainly include , preserved flower decoration picture, colorful picture, landscape picture, cartoon picture, wedding veil preserved flower picture, flower-arranging artwork, and other series preserved flower artwork.