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Y/YW valve is a pilot-operated 2-stage concentric relief valve, with a conical structure for both the pilot valvae and the main valvae. Model Y is mainly used to control the system pressure while Model YW can control the systempressure and unload it.

Technical specification

Model 03 06 10
Maximum Flow (l/m) 100 200 400
Working Pressure A/B/X(Mpa) TO 31.5

Back Pressure
Port Y Y(MPa) TO 31.5
YW(MPa) TO 6
Minimum Control Pressure (MPa) Flow-Related
Maximum Control Pressure (MPa) 3.15
Hydraulic Fluid Mineral Oil, Phosphate
Viscosity (mm2/s) 2.8~100
Fluid Temp. (0) -20~70
Solenoid Curve See FW-01 Solenoid Direction Control Valve