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GD-2B series are heaters that equiped with HEAT PIPE SOLAR COLLECTORS. Its working principle is as following:
The selective coating on the inner tubes absorbs solar powder efficiently(absorption rate >=92) which is transformed to heat energy. The heat energy goes up via copper tubed to the condenser on the top ends of these tubes which are inserted into the water tank. Then the cold water in the tank is heated by the copper tubes.
This kind of tubes(closed tubes) have no water inside. it can survive high temperature even if thereis no water in the tank, and the glass tubes wont brake for the heat can only be transfured in one direction. This feature cannot be found in open tubes. the coating on inner tubes can sence any solar radiance as possible regardles that they are located in cold climate area.
Special design : Two inner tank(hot water tank and normal tank) and an assistant tanks. The assistant tank can fill up the normal tank and stop automatically, keeping tubes from drying out. Accordingly, the glass tube wont be cracked because of high temperature. Hot water tank can get water from the top of water in the normal tank and the repeat these steps on and on. The electric heating device can be equiped inside the tank, as a auxiliary heater which keeps the water warm when the sun radiance is not strong.

1) . Size of tubes: 58*1800mm 58*2100mm 70*1800mm 70*2100mm
Distance between tubes: 7.5cm
3) . Type of tube: Heat pipe vacuum tubes, Three high vacuum tube, Ordinary vacuum tubes, Purple gold tubes
4) . Volume: 20*160L 25*200L 32*250L 40*310L 46*360L (or other volumes as you requested)
5) . Material of water tank:
a. Outershell- SGCC Cold-rolled plate, corrosion-resistant pearl Ceramics plate PVDF>=70%, anti-corrosion galvanized plate / stainless steel SUS304
b. Insulation materials - 55-65mm Fluorine-free foam
c. Inner tank- 0.4mm-2.0mm Sus304-2B stainless steel Food grade
6) . Bracket: multi-purpose, anti-corrosion galvanized sheet/aluminum alloy
7) . accessories: stainless screw, food-grade silicone rubber seals.
8) . Elevation angle: 38-450 (Adjustable)
1. ISO9001:2000 appoved
2. CE appoved
3. CCC(China compulsory Certification) appoved
4. OEM offered
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