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We offer Li-MnO2, Li-SoCl2 batteries.
Include:CR14250, CR14335, CR14505, CR2, CR17250,
CR123A, CR17450, CR17505, CR-P2,2CR5, CR18650
, CR26500, CR261020, CR34615, CR425, CR435, ER10450,
ER11120, ER13150, ER13460, ER14250, ER14335, ER14505,
ER17335, ER18505, ER20505, ER261020, ER34615, ER2450.
Applicationed in:radio communication transmitter-receiver, underwater weapons, medical instruments,
RFID, Automatic sanitaryware , Intelligent IC water meter, ammeter, gasmeter, camera, camcorder, PC computer RAM, CMOS memory backup powersupply,
portable communication equipment, time counter, number counter etc.
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