Sell primitive Bamboo Fiber

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linen specifications : 150*200cm
material : 100%fiber bamboo,
fabric:100% cotton
wash : do not shake their belts, can be a wake-washing brush, do not bleach an ironing V drying
Products : Green bamboo products of pure natural materials bamboo fiber with many fine characteristics of both her cotton, Ma. The advantages of natural fibers such as silk.
1. high-tech. Natural. green.
bamboo fiber materials (bamboo) collected from clean polluted areas, such as Yunnan generation, and also about choosing the material, commonly used in the Hsinchu 3-4. Bamboo During this period, its texture, moisture from the state containing vitamin has reached its peak. In brilliant color optimization. Yee-melodious sound of bamboo by a special process, blending high-tech products made from bamboo fiber. After the whole process is not contaminated. very environmentally friendly.
2. feeling silky. Sibo sheen.
because after the high-tech, also the same as bamboo fiber than refined. special polishing process results in each of the fibers into a smooth surface type. If Sipan silky, old, and do not have any skin stimulation. Feeling good color.
3. moisture permeability. cool rough style which is unique.
Because Gen Zhu was fraught with elliptical cross-section of the fiber gap Water transport to facilitate air circulation, bamboo hygroscopicity, aeration are excellent, with bamboo cool rough style which is unique in nature. This is no way to compare all the other fabrics.