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Printed twist ties
Material paper
Wire galvanized For rust resistance
Wire diameter 0.50mm
Width 12.7mm, wire diameter 0.5mm
250pcs/bag, 100bags/carton

TWIST TIES, bag closures, packaging material
Specifications Single Gang Spool

PLASTIC Both plastic
Customized color upon request
PET TWIST TIES Mainly used for the package of grocery food, candy, bread, presents, stationeries and tableware, etc . The products can decorate your products and the color options will add aesthetic value.
PE TWIST TIES Mainly used for tying all kinds of fresh wrap-up bags, freezing bags and garbage bags. The products bring great convenience to the customers when fastening the plastic bags.
PVC TWIST TIES Mainly used for binding electric wires, electric devices, or used in gardening works.
PAPER/PLASTIC Plastic on one side, paper other
Customized color and printing upon request
PAPER/PLASTIC TWIST TIES Mainly used for binding all kinds of garbage bags and sundries.
PAPER Customized color and printing upon request
PAPER/PAPER TWIST TIES Mainly used for packaging vegetables. Vegetable names, codes and description can be printed on the products. The products can bring convenience to the vendors.

WIRE Galvanized For rust resistance

WIRE DIAMAETER: 0.3mm, 0.35mm 0.37mm 0.40mm 0.42mm 0.45mm 0.50mm 0.55mm

Plastic 3.7mm fixed
Paper/Plastic 1/8inch-1/4inch
Paper 1/8inch-1/2inch 16mm max

CUT LENGTH available in any length

Product main features
the composite solid, the wire is not appearing, point break easy points, thickness uniformity, weight stable, full range, waterproof printing, color diverse, reel smooth, beautiful appearance, texture soft, easy to tie easy to unlock.

Daily Production/ machine
Single 500pcs/box, 50boxes/case, 90cases/day
2000pcs/box, 25boxes/case, 50cases/day
Gang 20pcs/gang, 1250gangs/case, 207cases/day
50pcs/gang, 1000gangs/case, 150cases/day
Spool 900m/spool, 4spools/day
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