Sell printing machine, FLX460 6-color combination flexo

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Features and applications:
This machine is developed from Propheteer design and designed with CAD. It includes the unwinding unit, 6 printing uinits, UV curing, stamping, die cutting, rewinding, sheet collection unit, electrical control, Video web viewing system, etc. other units.
Many new technologies, new craftworks and imported components are used. Most components are process with CNC machining centers and digital equipment. Every working procedure is strictly controlled as per ISO9000 standards.

FLX460 is widely used in self adhesive tape, kraft paper, paper board, corrugated cardboard, aluminum paper, plastic film and other web materials. Since the applied ink is water based ink or UV ink, harmless to human health, it is applied in foodstuff, medical product, label and other industries.
Key Functions:
1. Hydraulic roll lift. Automatic web unwinding with automatic edge position control.
2. With both automatic and manual 2nd stage tension controls.
3. Fixed volume feeding, auto edge position control.
4. 6-color printing
5. UV curing (1 unit) .
6. Back printing.
7. Coating
8. Die cutting (3 units) , stamping, punching, lateral cutting, longitudinal cutting, wastage rewinding, auto finished product rewinding, single sheet collection, etc.
It is especially good for batch production of inline process and web materials.