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Our long term customers include Formosa Plastics Group and other leading companies in Taiwan.
Formosa Plastics Group is the largest private enterprise in Taiwan,
and is recognized as the world's 16th largest petrochemical enterprise by AIChE*.
(*AIChE: the American Institute of Chemical Engineers)

They trust us, so can you.

Our Product Features are:
1. Heavy Duty
2. Long Service Life
3. Low Running Cost
4. High Efficiency
5. Low Vibration (DT blowers: 2.5mm/s) (international standard: 6.3mm/s)
6. Low Noise
7. Oil Free
8. Sturdy Construction

Our products include:
Casting Multi-Stage Centrifugal Blower
Vacuum dust Collecting Blower for PCB
Vacuum Producer for Vacuum Cleaner
Aeration Blower
Waste Water Treatment Blower
Air Knife Blower
Corrosion-Resistance Blower
Fluidizing Blower for Incinerator
Induced and Forced Draft Fans
High Temperature Resistance Blower
Spark-Resistance Fan
Cutter and Trim Blower
Conveyor Blower
Gas Tight Blower