Sell product sourcing

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Once we get an inquiry of sourcing services, we'll contact you soon to make clear what products you want to source and how long and in what depth you want the services from us. We will give you options to suit your budgets. For project assignments, either single or multiple items, a small retainer should be deposited against the assignments mutually agreed. Please note that all the incidental costs are not inclusive. All the necessary traveling, per diem, tickets, hotel, sample cost (especially when it is valued and heavy) and other services that we have to outsource on behalf of you, will be agreed to in advance, in writing, and are due upon receipt of invoice prior to the actions. We know you don't like surprises, so we strive for clarity and everything will be well communicated.

If we fail to meet the requirements, we will refund you the retainer. Should you need to cancel some of tasks that have not yet been done, we will work together to adjust your retainer and the balance will be refunded. A complete sourcing service package includes but not constrained within the following stages, you may put forward your additional requirements:

Preliminary Quotation
Firm Quotation
Order management
Quality assurance & inspection
Logistic tasks and documentation

You can also consider hiring us as your China representatives if you find our services helpful. This package is especially suitable for companies which have growing business connections with China. You need someone to represent your very best interests. All functions of an overseas representative office will be on our responsibilities. An experienced staff will be fully engaged with the job and supported by the team. We will work on multiple projects, arranging all your business travel and supporting all the secretarial jobs such as interpretations and documentations etc. The contract should last for 6 months or longer. The annual rate is much lower than you otherwise pay at least 1,000 for hiring a qualified representative in China , let alone the savings of rent and various expenses of running an office.