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8ohm, 800W, 3U standard height amplifier, all use motorola large power pipe guaranteeing enough power output.
Two sides ring glass fiber material of FR4 make the whole machine extremely high reliavle and fire-resistant for 94VO.
The machine's input sensitivtiy can be chosen from 0.77/1.4 and 26dB.
Can be suitable for output of all kinds of signal source without any other process of relative equipments.
Auto amplitude limited circuits inside, making bright treble, clear middle frequency and powerbass, guaranteed reverting of high quality sound, reducing the system extra damage due to clip direct current output to expensive speaker at the same time, thus to protect your equipment meticulously.
Intellectual fans with low noise saving design have the feature of little noise, and long working life, reducing the dispersed noise and dust pollution of the machine at the same time.
Slow start circuit, using material of original Germany SIEMENS company, guarantee the effect of on-off delay of machine, avoiding the whole system from assault of switching machine.