Sell professional supplier of bamboo flooring

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Features and specifications:
1) Product size:
a) Length: 920 -1850 mm
b) Width: 92 - 154mm
c) Height: 10 - 15 mm
2) Available varieties include:
a) Natural and carbonated
b) Horizontal and vertical
c) Lacquered or not lacquered
d) Tongue and groove and without tongue and groove
e) Aluminum oxide finished and unfinished
3) Horizontal: the horizontal pressed boards are laminated horizontally with bamboo
giving the appearance of flattened bamboo canes
4) Vertical: the prepared strips of bamboo are turned on edge and carefully arranged
before being pressed together in a single layer. This structure is named vertical
pressed and also gives a more attractive effect
5) We can provide another structure: when the width of the boards are above 92mm,
we offer mid-layer crossing, making the board more stable

Two-layer bamboo flooring specifications:
1) Product size: 920 x 92 x 10mm, 450 x 70 x 10mm
2) Crossed bottom layer
920 x 92 x 10mm,