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Our company is a leading producer and exporter company in China about propolis and bee products. Fengzhen Scientech incorporating scientific research, production, sale, consultation into a whole is a private scientific and technological development type enterprise, our leader comes from the key scientific research personnel of national "Ninth Five-Year Plan", Tenth Five-Year Plan key scientific and technological tackling projects, national "948 key project, and multiple industry standard formulation project group of the Ministry of Agriculture. Our refined raw materials propolis products are: propolis ointment (content more than 98%) , propolis powder, water solubility and non-water solubility propolis; The products has soft capsule, hard capsule, tablet, tincture etc.
At present, our company develops many kinds of propolis products and bee products, the following is a list of our main products:
New Products: Compounding Products with propolis, royal jelly, pollen etc.
Propolis Liquid Series of Products
Fengzhen Liquid Series of Products for diabetes
Propolis Soft Capsule
Propolis Jublingual Tablets
Propolis Sprayer
Propolis Soap
Propolis Bathing Lotion
Propolis Shampoo
Propolis Acne Treatment
Royal Jelly Winkles-reducing Cream
Pollen Cosmetic Cream
Fresh Pure Royal Jelly
Honey and Honey with Chinese Herbal Medicines
Bee Pollen Series
Shenfengjing made of bee venom
Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Powder
Raw Propolis for health care, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food etc.
We can also process basing on your special requirement and would like to welcome your any kinds of cooperation such as Distribution, Sale Agent, Special Sale and Technology Cooperation etc.