Sell protein powder

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The latest product ESB Protein Powder which is researched and developed by Xuzhou Anying Biologic Technology Development Co. , Ltd. contains protein 160%-300%, which solves the problem for shortage of protein resource.
Reasonably making use of NPN and reducing the production cost of feed factor, ESB Protein Powder is a good additive to supplement the shortage of protein resources in animal feed applications. After eating this, protein powder will be transformed into mycoprotein in the alimentary canal under the action of digestive enzyme; it will be normally digested, absorbed and used by the livestock and poultry. It is safe nonpoisonous, without bad reaction.
Quality Standard: The product is yellow, dust-colour or white powder form and free flowing. This product also resists iodin, and is able to bear high temperature. Keeping in dry and ventilate condition, agglomeration will not influence quality.
Guaranteed shelf life: 1 year.