Sell provide software for on-line sales of Indian pattern or traditional passive lotteries

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we sales paper lottery tickets in wholesale to the retailers. We are also the dealer of online lotteries. We & our retailers face different problems in online lottery business, so by taking complete feed back from the market retailers & our experiences good & bad I have developed a best software for selling Indian pattern lotteries online, Indian lotteries are very popular in India & different from that which are at present popular in the world. I want to market it in other countries because Indian market is saturated most of the States banned the lottery. In India there are rapid draw games. There are 20 to 24 weekly lotteries in every 10 to 15 minutes, so there are nearly 1000 to 1500 weekly lotteries in a day & 7000 to 11000 in a week. In maximum lotteries there is 91% prize return. The lotteries which are very popular in the world are super flop in India. If the idea of selling Indian pattern lotteries in other countries works, you can think better that what will happen?