Sell pumice rubbing stone

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This is a kind of porous, organic material. Which is light, noncombustible, and noncorrodible. It can be made into different kinds of colors. Its main application can be seen as follows:
1. Used to control indoor
reverberation time in acoustical
2. Especially applicable to the
open air of moisture.
3. Improve articulation in waiting room, store and
exhibition hall.
4. Can be also used in mufflers.

Antiflaming mastic is made of pitch, mineral and other substances added with adequate flame retardant. It has following features: vapor stop, water impermeability, cold resistance, corrosion protection, and not easy to deteriorate or crack. And it could be used at normal temperature and could resist combustion after dried. It is a kind of ideal coating material for cooling insulation, fire proof and moisture resistance, which is suited for heat insulation such as cellular glass and polyurethane in petrochemical industry, etc.