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Functions, uses and purposes:
 Road construction: lightweight bulk material with excellent drainage properties
 Pile foundation
 Building insulation
 Trench filling material with high compression strength
 Stabilizing of slipping soil
 Insulation of sports grounds
 Insulation of swimming pools
 Roof insulation
 Great for cleaning (Cleans grills quickly with very little effort. Will not scratch grills or lift cure. Reusable for several cleanings. Cleans faster, more efficiently than brushes and scrapers.
 Shapes easily to flat or curved surfaces. Removes carbonized food, grease and soot from porcelain or metal grill, barbecue and smoke cooker surfaces. Scours pancake and fry griddles without removing the cure. Contains no hazardous chemicals or detergents. Safe for skin and use around food equipment. Great for cleaning cast-iron skillets.
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