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B. Pumps series:
1. GY. GYU GH. GHU pipeline pump;
2. GDK. GDKS. GKS. GK type oil pipeline pump;
3. DYG sectional multistage centrifugal oil pipeline pump;
4. YQY. YQYB type fluid drive pump with unloaded groove;
5. HGB. HGBW vane slide pump;
6. LPY type vertical oil expelling pump;
7. AZA(CAZ) petrochemical process pump;
8. JL series filter;

1. New generation product, patented, reputation of "three updated" gold medal by Sino-pec
2. Liquid compatibility: 100% gasoline, 80% gasoline with 20% TAME, ETBE, or MTBE, ethanol, diesel, kerosene, heavy oil, aero oil, and corrosive liquid with similar physical feature
3. Workable outdoor, avoid civil engineering
4. Connect with the pipe in parallel, reduce the elbow etc attachments, small occupation
5. Advanced seal chamber structure and qualified mechanical seal assure free-leakage at the shaft end. Improve the environment protection and raise the safety.
6. Detachable components assembly, no require for the disassembly of motor, wire, motor support, casing, impellers and nozzle etc when replace the mechanical seal or other consumables components.
7. Equip with explode-proof motor class dIIBT4
8. Shaft and seal ring made of new material, hereby excellent durability and long service time
9. Runs smoothly, lower noise and few vibration
10. The most characteristic is little pressure amplitude within the whole flow variation period, ideal to