Sell pump

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1. Features:
1) Type: acentric pump and self-suction pump
2) Material quality: AISI304, AISI304L, AISI316, AISI316L
3) Connection: male, welded, clamp
4) We can supply a wide range of sanitary pumps, stainless steel pumps, centrifugal
pumps, acentric pumps, self-suction pumps, self-priming pumps and stainless steel impellers

2. We can offer the sanitary stainless steel valve as follows:
1) Butterfly valve: threaded butterfly valve, clamped butterfly valve, welded butterfly
valve, flange butterfly valve, threaded-welded butterfly valve, threaded-nut butterfly
valve, three-piece butterfly valve, pneumatic butterfly valve
2) Ball valve: butterfly-type threaded ball valve, welded-threaded butterfly-type
ball valve, welded butterfly-type ball valve, clamped butterfly-type ball valve,
threaded portable ball valve, welded portable ball valve, clamped portable ball
valve, welded non-retention ball valve, clamped non-retention ball valve, threaded non resort ball valve, three-piece clamped ball valve, three piece female threaded ball valve, three-piece welded ball valve, one piece ball valve, two piece ball valve
3) Check valve: Welded check valve, threaded check valve, clamp type check valve,
welded-threaded check valve
4) Diaphragm valve: threaded diaphragm valve, welded diaphragm valve, clamped diaphragm valve, u-type three way diaphragm, three-way diaphragm valve,
5) Sample valves, stop reversing valves, and pipe fittings